Australian Institute of Marine Rescues – AIMR

Australia-wide Stranding Network (ASN)

This Stranding Network will be formed in order to address the requirements for a network of expertise to assist at cetacean and aquatic wildlife stranding events across Australia. The main focus of the group would be to feed into various government departments, for example in Victoria this would include the Department of Sustainability and Environment’s (DSE) Cetacean Contingency Plan (CCP). ASN will work with already established stranding networks and organizations like ORRCA in NSW, the Victorian Stranding Network in Victoria, and CALM in WA.

The ASN will be set up to assist the statutory agencies meet their demands for careful assessment of marine mammal stranding incidents. Although every effort is made to respond to strandings, sometimes resources and experienced personnel are limited and it is not always possible, thus AIMR will be well placed to co-ordinate these efforts, and provide equipment and personnel as required for a successful outcome.

The ASN will not be a formal organization; but rather a network of organizations, institutes and individuals, including relevant government authorities, zoological parks and anyone else with an interest in strandings or the results of strandings.