Australian Institute of Marine Rescues – AIMR

Our team

  • Dr Verné Dove

  • Verné graduated from Melbourne University in 2004 with a double degree, in Veterinary Science (honours) and Animal Science in Marine Mammal pathology. In conjunction with these two degrees she also completed a diploma in Conservation in 2002. In 2009 she obtained her Masters in Conservation Medicine through Murdoch University, and completed a second Masters in Veterinary Surveillance in 2012, whilst simultaneously undertaking a PhD. Her PhD with Murdoch University and the Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia), in wild dolphin health assessment, is focused primarily on River dolphin species in Asia and South America […]

  • Hec Goodall

  • Hec commenced his long career and dedication to Marine Mammals in 1958, where he assisted in establishing Jack Evens’ Pet Porpoise Pool in Tweed Heads, the very first establishment to display dolphins in Australia. Hec was the founder and CEO of the Pet Porpoise Pool, established in 1968, and has been a leader in the Marine Mammal field, with both national and international recognition. The focus of the establishment of the Pet Porpoise Pool was for marine animal rescue, rehabilitation and research, as well as for education and community awareness […]

  • Dr Rick Walduck

  • Rick graduated as a veterinarian at Melbourne University in 1967 as a part of the first group of graduates. He was then an Associate in mixed Practice in Dandenong Vic between 1967 – 1971.
    Following this he established his own small animal practice in Partnership, in Springvale SouthVictoria from 1971 till present. He has served as an Academic Associate at Melbourne University Veterinary School from 1973 until 1989. He served on the MMPB Committee for two years, was the Secretary of MMPB and AVA Vic. Division Committee for two years […]

  • Troy Saville

  • Troy A. Saville is a Marine Mammal Expert, and the Founder of a not-for-profit organization AIMR (Australian Institute of Marine Rescues). He has 35 years’ experience working with dolphins and other marine mammals. He was the manager of a captive oceanarium, the Pet Porpoise pool, in Coffs Harbour for seven years. He has also managed a zoological park for two years […]

  • Garry Hamilton

  • Garry joined AIMR in 2014 after discussions with Verne and other members of the organisation. A true international, Garry has lived in Britain, Canada, and the USA, is a tri-citizen and is now permanently residing near Bellingen, NSW. Australia […]