Australian Institute of Marine Rescues – AIMR

Our work

Since 2006 our core work has focused on research and conservation initiatives of freshwater dolphins in Asia and in South America. This work has focused on the health assessment of critically endangered dolphin populations as well as threat identification to reduce population declines and reduce significant mortality levels. During this time Dr Verné Dove from AIMR has collaborated with World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF-Cambodia); Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS-Cambodia); Murdoch University (Australia); Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia); The Laboratorio de Ecología Molecular de Vertebrados Acuáticos (LEMVA); Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS); Foundacion Omacha; Palmari Reserva Natural; Flora and Fauna International (FFI-Cambodia); the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN); and the Victorian stranding Network.

Currently AIMR is also working in South Australia, developing a sustainable conservation management plan for dolphins that engage in frequent human interaction. This is being developed in consultation with local and state government.

Once the AIMR rescue and rehabilitation facility is built our core work will also be on the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured marine animals, supported by state-of-the-art animal care, rehabilitation and research facilities, as well as dedicated volunteers from several wildlife organizations, in addition to an engaged community.

As AIMR has already demonstrated we partner with conservation organizations, leading scientists, government and other professionals to cultivate valuable relationships that are beneficial to the overall mission of our organization.
AIMR team members learn as much as they can about wild populations, so that we may optimise the care and understanding that we provide to our marine patients that come into our care. Information learned has and will be used to expand and advance scientific knowledge, thus enhancing understanding of the health of our oceans.

AIMR aims to disseminates knowledge to members of the scientific community and general public. We ultimately inspire conservation action and foster stewardship towards the care of our marine environment.