Australian Institute of Marine Rescues – AIMR

Research Centre

AIMR has served as a research hub for conservation projects conducted within Australasia as well as global conservation initiatives. AIMR has incorporated research projects that relate to the ecology and various other health aspects of marine animals, in particular conservation medicine, biosecurity, one health and disease risk assessment as has already been occurring since the initiation of AIMR in 2005. Once the building of the hospital and rehabilitation facility is completed, the research of AIMR will also focus on health assessments, rehabilitation, and principally on research relating to strandings from cetaceans, marine mammals and turtles.

A research and stranding rehabilitation centre of this magnitude and calibre would attract scientists from a number of different fields, and organizations working collaboratively together to achieve the best possible results for cetaceans, sea turtles and aquatic wildlife. Such a centre will also generate international interest and support as well as establish a world-class reputation for Australia in the cetacean and marine field.