Australian Institute of Marine Rescues – AIMR

Stranding Investigation Program

The Stranding Investigation Program would provide a 24-hour response to marine mammal, sea turtle and aquatic wildlife stranding events within the coastal waters of Australia. This will be achieved by having a central location for AIMR, and working with already established organizations and institutes around Australia, providing standardized equipment to these satellite branches of AIMR, as well as mobilizing experienced personnel were required.

Live cetaceans (whales and dolphins), marine turtles and aquatic wildlife will be recovered and transported either to the institute for hospitalization or rehabilitation, or treated under supervision at a satellite organization. Beach-cast stranded cetaceans will all have detailed standardized post-mortem examinations. The goals of this program are to increase the understanding of the natural history of the cetaceans, marine turtles and aquatic wildlife occurring in Australian waters, and to evaluate the long-term trends in mortality as it relates to pathological conditions or human-related activities. Such research data are crucial in the implementation of management efforts and conservation plans designed to protect these animals.