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URGENT MISSION – to purchase a marine animal rescue boat and vital equipment required to refloat live stranded whale/s and dolphins


Jun 2017



To purchase a marine animal rescue boat and vital equipment required to refloat live stranded whale/s and dolphins

Due to a recent live whale stranding in NSW, AIMR (Australian Institute of Marine Rescues) has become aware of the lack of logistical infrastructure, and necessary equipment needed to get a whale back out to sea. Thus AIMR believes there is an urgent need for such necessary and basic equipment to be readily accessible and available for future strandings.

The equipment we are raising funds for will allow our Marine Mammal Veterinarian to assess the animal/s and determine the appropriate course of action required on an individual basis. The necessary equipment for refloatation of the animal will ensure a timely rescue.


  1. Rescue Boat approximately $22,000
  2. Harnesses $11,000
  3. Abbott i-STAT portable clinical analyser $10,000
  4. Volunteer safety equipment $5000
  5. Pool (portable pool for smaller marine animals that need to be assessed) $3,000
  6. Tow mats $3,000
  7. Fire pump $2,000
  8. Antibiotics $2,000
  9. Consumables for blood collection (blood cartridges, syringes, needles, swabs etc) $1700
  10. Sedatives $1,000
  11. Temperature Probe approx $700
  12. Wetsuits for volunteers $700
  13. Hose $600
  14. Stethoscopes $450

TOTAL $63,150

By assisting AIMR in acquiring this basic equipment, you will be helping future stranded animals have a far better outcome than the recent whale that stranded in Sawtell.


The mission of The Australasian Institute of Marine Rescues (AIMR) is to provide the highest quality of veterinary care to sick and debilitated stranded animals in a marine hospital and sea sanctuary. To collaboratively work with similar organizations and government authorities to collect as much information as possible from each stranding, to enhance the scientific understanding of the medical management, conservation requirements, and ecology of stranded animals to be able to assist in implementing informed conservation and management strategies; in addition to publish and disseminate all research findings to the relevant authorities including The Australian government, scientists, conservationists, and the general public


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